(Brown) OG *Please Read Description*

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Sativa Dominant Hybrid (55/45) 15-19%

OG, also commonly known as “OG Kush” to most members of the cannabis community, is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with unknown genetics, although it is commonly thought to be a cross of LA Kush X SFV OG. OG has a memorable aroma of earthy woody pine with a hint of sour spice and a taste of pungent woody pine with a hint of spicy earth upon exhale. Users describe the OG high as having a slowly creeping head buzz that’s uplifting and felt primarily in the eyes and forehead, leaving your eyes dry, red, and droopy. This is accompanied by a mellow body high that spreads in warming numbing waves from your head throughout the rest of your body, leaving you completely-pain free and with surprising waves of cerebral energy. Due to these effects, OG is ideal for treating chronic pain and stress as well as mild to moderate cases of depression.



  • Brown | Lower THC 
  • Good for baking | Infusing
  • Not recommended for experienced users
  • 56 Grams FREE w/ purchase of Super Deluxe Sticker – $120 


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