Purple Punchsicle Top Shelf

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Indica Dominant Hybrid – (80/20) 20-25% – Purple Punchsicle is an indica dominant hybrid strain (80% indica/20% sativa) created through crossing the beautiful Purple Punch X Purple Punch #20 strains. The perfect bud for any Purple lover, Purple Punchsicle packs a delicious flavor and immediate hard-hitting high. This bud has a mouthwatering sweet grape candy taste with hints of rich blueberry muffins to it, too.  As you fade further and further into this lifted happiness, a creeping body high will sneak into your physical form, locking you to the couch and leaving you fully sedated before finally letting you slip away into a long and peaceful sleep. These sleepy effects make Purple Punchsicle perfect for treating insomnia, nausea or appetite loss, chronic stress, depression and insomnia.

  • 3.5 Grams FREE w/ purchase of Small Sticker – $60
  • 7 Grams FREE w/ purchase of Standard Sticker – $110
  • 14 Grams FREE w/ purchase of Large Sticker – $200
  • 28 Grams FREE w/ purchase of Deluxe Sticker – $260 
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1 review for Purple Punchsicle Top Shelf

  1. Jack

    This is such a wonderful strain. It taste good, smooth and not into choking. As always, the one hit test is used. This is a very mellow, relaxing on the deck with a good ice tea and letting the wind blow in the leaves.
    I would definitely bring this to share with friends on a weekend getaway. It doesn’t have a strong smell so it is a good way to relax after dinner.
    You can still think and function if you need to so you are not a zombie with this delicious smoke. I would definitely make this a weekly favorite

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