Remedy Preroll

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REMEDY Pre-Rolls are hotter than the California sun. Made with the most esteemed, premium flower, rolled, and coated in topnotch potent kief!

  • 1 Preroll FREE w/ purchase of Small Sticker – $30
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9 reviews for Remedy Preroll

  1. Jack

    I tried a couple of these and oh my, make sure you have a few friends around to share as it didn’t hold up to being put out. This is definitely not a one person play as it is smooth long lasting heavy indica lovely bliss. This is a great party gift like bringing a bottle of fine wine , this is meant for sharing with friends.

  2. Krys L.

    Real life saver when I got this. Made the day so much better. Really packs a punch in the best way.

  3. Anja

    This product is awesome! A nice, efficient high, IMO. Enjoy!

  4. Fresh Ayers

    Love these remedy prerolls! Always quality and will definitely impress your friends when you break this bad boy out. I’ve never been able to finish one in one sesh alone; this is very much a social product. Takes a while to get through and still punches hard all the way through.

  5. Corrina

    These pre rolls are great for parties or gatherings. The kief coating will fuck you up. This is definitely the chef kiss of joints. Would not recommend for a solo smoke!

  6. Danielle

    These are my go to. Smooth and packs a punch. Love these!

  7. E

    I love this pre roll with the wax & Kief. Super strong and take me between 2-3 days to finish

  8. Geeno

    Good effects slow burn always high quality stuff would definitely go well when your with a group of people

  9. Tommy Bowman

    This thing took me and two friends to smoke and they primarily dab. Probably not as clean of smoke compared to medical in md but that’s a cali issue. Be prepared to cough smoking one of these lol

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