Russian Pound Cake Exclusive

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Indica Dominant Hybrid (70/30) 26-29% –

Russian Poundcake is the heavily Indica-dominant mix of Black Russian X London Poundcake. This rare strain highly sought after for its delicious flavor and high THC content.  After just a few puffs, expect to feel a light lift at the onset of the high that fills you with a calming sense of centered focus that subtly slows your racing thoughts and melts away any negative energy you may have. As your mind settles, a relaxing body will suddenly take over, anchoring you in place and possibly lulling the less experience smoker into a deep sleep. This strain is recommended for the end of the day when you don’t have much to get done. These effects make Russian Pound Cake a great choice for treating headaches or migraines, chronic pain, cramps or muscle spasms, chronic stress and depression.

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  • 28 Grams FREE w/ purchase of Deluxe Sticker – $500
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2 reviews for Russian Pound Cake Exclusive

  1. Jack

    I pick up a small amount of this to try and I was not disappointed. I do however think they have the name wrong as this should be called Russian pound my ass cake.
    With most new weed, I like to try the one hit test to see how it does. Oh and this does not disappoint. Mello and smooth as jazz. Good intake and not really a choker but will tease you just a bit.
    One of the perks I noticed was your body is highly sensitive to touch with this so it was a great strain for cuddling and more. Afterwards the sleep was deep and relaxing. I highly recommend this as a great weekend getaway

  2. Kim

    You will not be disappointed with this one…OMG! Great tasting along with a wonderful feeling of relaxation. First time trier and a continued buyer. So you can’t go wrong with this one!! Highly recommend!! A little dab will do ya!

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