Super Thai Magic Mushroom

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Super Thai is found in Koh Samui, a beautiful and small island in the south of Thailand. When looking at various sites, notably Erowid, mycotopia and Shroomery, you will find that people report that Super Thai has a strong head or mind high. It can also be a bit confusing at the beginning because after half an hour or so you might think it has not kicked in until you all of a sudden, it does and it triggers your visuals almost immediately. Once it kicks in, the high seems to be quite pleasant as described by many who take it for the first time.

Potency: Known to be an extremely potent strain. It is recommended for experienced users.


  • 3.5g mushrooms FREE w/ purchase of Small Sticker – $60
  • 7g mushrooms FREE w/ purchase of Standard Sticker – $110
  • 14g mushrooms FREE w/ purchase of Large Sticker – $200
  • 28g mushrooms FREE w/ purchase of Deluxe Sticker – $380
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1 review for Super Thai Magic Mushroom

  1. David Sandifer

    Awesome experience. Definitely worth another purchase.

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