District Connect has proudly served Washington DC since 2019 and our mission is to deliver a wide variety of the highest quality i71 compliant gifts from vendors we know and trust. We invite both new and experienced weed users to come and experience our delivery service. District Connect strives to be THE full-service, one-stop delivery service for the DMV.


We take our position as The DMV’s most trusted medical and recreational i71 compliant delivery service seriously. We recognize that weed is more than a business — for many members of the DC community, it is a path to greater well-being, improved mental health, and sparks joy in everyday lives. Our role in The District of Colombia informs everything we do, from the gift offerings on our menu to the ways we engage with the DMV community as a whole.


Whether our customers use it for medical purposes or fun and recreation, the quality of our products matters. We’re committed to quality, which is why we only partner with farmers, vendors, and brands who share that commitment. If you see a product on our shelves, that means it’s been carefully curated and tested by our Washington DC weed experts.


From experienced weed users to absolute beginners— District Connect’s #1 priority is that we want you to feel welcomed. Our team is made up of local DMV weed pros with intensive knowledge about medical and recreational i71 gift use as well as the best-in-class brands and products that reside on our menus. Whatever your needs or interests, our expert team is dedicated to finding the right gift for you.