Albino Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms

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Tidal Wave mushroom—popular, potent, and a bit weird—is the love child of the two Psilocybe cubensis strains known as Penis Envy and B+. One of the main attributes that help distinguish the Tidal Wave variety is that “most of them have a slight waviness or undulation at the bottom of the cap.

When it comes to the effects of eating P. cubensis mushrooms, some psychonauts subscribe to the notion that “a cube is a cube,” while others report variety-specific differences. Tidal Wave is usually described by spore-sellers as uplifting, stimulating, visual, euphoric, and depression-relieving. But, psilocybin experiences can vary widely from person to person, and there’s little research comparing the experiential effects of one strain or variety to another. Concentrations of active compounds can vary from mushroom to mushroom, variety to variety, and species to species. But, dedicated psychonauts often talk about experiential differences.

As when taking any psychedelic, it’s also possible to experience intense or uncomfortable sensations when tripping on Tidal Wave mushrooms. You can mitigate certain challenges by taking an appropriate dose for your level of experience and ensuring that you’re in a safe environment with people you trust before eating mushrooms. Your “set” or mental state, also greatly influences the direction and tone of your trip: It can be extremely helpful to create a positive or neutral mindset before your journey.

Potency: Known to be an extremely potent strain. It is recommended for experienced users.


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