Baby Jeeters Premium Prerolls 5pk **OUT OF STOCK**

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Baby Jeeters are Premium Indoor Flower infused with Liquid Diamonds & Kief. Readily available in a convenient jar for enjoying during breaks or when on the go. Each of the Five Individual prerolls come with 0.5g of flower. Batches are freshly ground right before they are packed to ensure each strain’s unique aroma and abundant characteristics are preserved. These high-quality pre-rolls will leave you in a state of absolute bliss. 

  • 2.5 Grams FREE w/ purchase of Small Sticker – $35

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Churros (Indica)

10 reviews for Baby Jeeters Premium Prerolls 5pk **OUT OF STOCK**

  1. W

    my favorite pre rolls

  2. brian

    love these pre rolls worth the ride down from pa and can’t beat all deals they have. my favorite delivery

  3. Jessica

    Love love love the baby jesters. They are worth driving into DC for. Best infused pre-rolls pack! Best to share or you’re 1 and done!

  4. T Martin

    Convenient, good for when you’re on the move. Very flavorful and potent. Very much recommend.

  5. Rachel

    Quick, easy little pre rolls. My favorite mini ones.

  6. Dak

    Ive ordered these a few times alot of punch packed in each pre roll. Great value for the price.

  7. Frank

    Amazing quality pre rolls and friendly service provided by district connect

  8. Mike

    Great little pre rolls. I have a couple of these in the event of an emergency. =)

  9. EricB

    These things are perfect for like every occasion and always get the job done! Also you can save the leftovers at the bottom of the jar

  10. Floyd

    Great product

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